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Eligible Programs « CA Clean Energy Consortium

Eligible Programs

Eligible Programs

The following energy efficiency/clean energy programs  must be approved by the Chancellor’s Office to ensure eligibility for program improvement funds:

  • Certificates 6-17 units
  • Certificates or degrees 18+ units
  • Completed apprenticeships (Journey level)
  • Third party credentials

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Certificates must be listed in the Chancellor’s MIS system
  • Students must be registered for CalJobs
  • Certificates and degrees must fall under pre-approved TOP codes
  • Apprenticeships and third party credentials must be pre-approved
  • Programs must satisfy Prop 39 definition of energy efficiency

Pre Approved Programs:

  • Pre Approved TOP Codes ( for certificated and degrees)
  • Pre Approved Third Party Credentials
  • Pre Approved Apprenticeships
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Verify/Gain Chancellor’s Office Approval
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